Interim management

Interim & freelance management - Why?

Even though it is obvious for many, we still meet resistance in organisations for using interim and freelance managers for any management role whatever it is project/program related or any other management role.

It often ends up in the discussion on price compared to heiring a fulltime employee. We think that there is more to it than the direct cost.
Here are our top 5 reasons for why we think organisations should use an interim manager.


Interim and freelance managers provide organizations with the flexibility to bring in experts for specific projects or tasks without having to commit to a long-term employment contract.

Hiring an interim or freelance manager can be more cost-effective compared to hiring a full-time employee, especially if the organization needs someone for a short period of time.

Experienced professionals
Interim and freelance managers are experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the organization. They can provide valuable insight and help organizations tackle complex changes, projects and programs.

Fresh perspectives
Interim and freelance managers bring new ideas and perspectives to the organization, which can lead to new solutions and improved processes.

Interim and freelance managers are not bound by the same loyalty and personal connections as full-time employees, so they can provide a more objective perspective. They can also help identify and address any biases or conflicts within the organization that may be holding back progress.

Is it for you?

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